Canon HJ18ex28B IASE-A

VistaVision: Canon-Objektive für Broadcast-ProfessionalsCanon HJ18ex28B IASE-A - kompaktes Teleobjektiv

  • Continuing global expansion in the volume and variety of HD productions places unceasing demands for extended flexibility and creativity in image creation. The need for dramatically increased telephoto capabilities in HD lenses to meet the creative needs of natural history production, HD newsgathering, stadium coverage, surveillance, houses of worship while also facilitating greater portability and mobility on location led to the design of the HJ18ex28B lens.
  • This innovative ultra-telephoto lens provides a 500mm focal range (1000mm using the built-in 2x range extender) in a compact package that weighs only 2.48 kg(IRSE A type). Despite its modest size, the overall performance of the HJ18ex28B is remarkably high – providing a maximum aperture capability of F2.5, very good picture sharpness, and tight control over chromatic aberrations.
  • Even the digital drive-unit is newly developed to provide streamlined ergonomics and ease of operation that further empowers camera operator shooting flexibility. (New drive is loaded with the lens that has ‘A' at the end of its model name such as ‘IRSE A', ‘IASE A'.)

Main Features

Portable Ultra-Tele

  • Achieve a 500mm telephoto image capture with a handheld HD lens and camera. The 2x extender will take this to 1000mm opening up dramatic possibilities in wildlife shooting, special news events, sports and many other applications.

A Compact and Lightweight Optical Powerhouse

  • The goal of producing a lightweight handheld ultra-telephoto HD zoom lens has been realized in the HJ18ex28B. Measuring only 268.3mm long and weighing 2.48 kg(IRSE A type), this lens opens up entire new creative imaging capabilities for mobile location shooting.

High optical performance
  • The adoption of new optical materials and contemporary optical design technologies have facilitated the production of a groundbreaking portable lens that significantly adds to the creative arsenal available to the HD production communities. The novel 3-group inner focus system design in particular was central to achieving the extra telephoto range while controlling multiple optical aberrations. High sharpness and contrast is maintained over this impressive focal range, while achieving a lightweight compact physical dimensions.

New Ergonomic Drive Unit
  • Besides the exceptional optical performance, another remarkable character of this new lens is it’s newly designed drive unit. With the goal of pursuing ease of operation, Canon has reached a new design based on human ergonomics, refined by a long term research and testing. Of course, all the advantages from the current e-HDxs Digital Drive Unit such as "Information Display for user customize setting", "Rotary Encoder for virtual studio integration and precise control" and "Enhanced Digital Functions" are inherited to the new drive unit.



Zoom Ratio


Built-in Extender


Range of Focal Length

(with Extender)



Maximum Relative Aperture

(with Extender)

1:2.8 at 28~286mm

1:4.9 at 500mm

1:5.6 at 56~572mm (2.0x)

1:9.8 at 1000mm

Angular Field of View

(with Extender)


Aspect Ratio

(8.8 x 6.6mm)

18.0° x 13.5° at 28mm

1.0° x 0.8° at 500mm

9.0° x 6.8° at 56mm (2.0x)

0.5° x 0.4° at 1000mm

16: 9

Aspect Ratio

(9.6 x 5.4mm)

19.5° x 11.0° at 28mm

1.1° x 0.6° at 500mm

9.9° x 5.6° at 56mm (2.0x)

0.6° x 0.3° at 1000mm

Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D)

2.2m (10mm with Macro)

Object Dimensions at M.O.D.

(with Extender)


Aspect Ratio

(8.8 x 6.6mm)

65.4 x 49.1cm at 28mm

3.8 x 2.9cm at 500mm

32.7 x 24.6cm at 56mm (2.0x)

1.9 x 1.5cm at 1000mm


Aspect Ratio

(9.6 x 5.4mm)

71.1 x 40.0cm at 28mm

4.1 x 2.3cm at 500mm

35.6 x 20.0cm at 56mm (2.0x)

2.1 x 1.2cm at 1000mm



Size (W x H x L)


Weight (Approx.)


2.48kg (5.47lbs)


2.56kg (5.65lbs)


Operational Accessories

Full servo : SS-41-IASD / SS-41-D

Semi servo: MS-210D

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